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Sponsoring the MACCDC

In order to promote the competition’s success, we need a strong foundation.

Corporate sponsorship allows us to maintain the high quality associated with this program. Sponsorship also defrays institution costs and increases participation and the number of students entering the workforce as a result of participating in MACCDC.

By taking an active role in sponsoring MACCDC, companies get the opportunity to get to know and recruit the best and brightest students specializing in cybersecurity from a variety of educational institutions. In addition, everyone attending will learn something from observing the students, listening to the Red Team debrief, and in general, talking with the participants, organizers, and other observers. Additional benefits to consider under special partnership arrangements include:

  • Mentoring individuals or teams during preparation
  • Scenario development
  • Equipment contributions
  • Postmortem briefings of participating institutions
  • Test bed for new products

For more information and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

Our 2024 Sponsors

“A remarkable investment made by companies, sponsors, federal government, state government, and by those who are participating.”
Admiral Patrick W. Walsh, USN, Ret.