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2022 Scenario: Maritime & Transportation Systems

2022 Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (MACCDC): Maritime & Transportation Systems

Over the past 17 years, the MACCDC has innovated, developed, and sought to create an original experience for not only the student teams, but all participants. Introducing themes that imitate the real world add a dimension of realism and fun, while at the same time, highlighting real life issues: free and secure elections, natural disasters, a global pandemic.

For the qualifying round, Student (Blue) teams worked for the fictitious company, Cyber Cargo, Inc., a multinational maritime transportation organization.

For the Regional Finals and in a move to position itself as the largest player in global trade, Container R Us acquired Cyber Cargo, Inc. The official announcement was made at the Containers R Us headquarters in Wilmington, DE on February 8, 2022. The acquisition and integration of Cyber Cargo, Inc.’s research & development, software, and world-renowned personnel with Containers R Us’ presence at the world’s largest ports was key a driver of this alliance. The process took 18 months, and the deal was signed effective February 8, 2022.

The acquisition of Cyber Cargo, Inc. fits into Containers R Us’ primary objectives to double maritime trade, shrink the environmental impact of the transportation network, and support the organization’s industrial core. Toward this end, specific actions were organized around the following themes including a blend of policies, programs, and projects: Increasing efficiency and reducing costs; building new markets; growing economic activity around the MTS and, delivering results while managing for the future.

Student teams had to balance the commercial interests and business priorities of its parent company (Container R Us), with geographical constraints, political regulation, and technical constraints as the acquisition of Cyber Cargo continues.


Virtual Qualifier: Feb. 5:

11:00am – 5:00pm

Virtual Job Fair: Mar. 17:

12:00 – 1:00pm:
Welcome and Sponsors’ Briefings to Teams

1:00 – 3:30pm:
Job Fair

Virtual Regional: Mar. 18-19:

7:45 – 8:30am:
Blue Team Check-Ins

8:30 – 8:50am:
Opening Competition Briefings

9:00am – 5:00pm:
Competition Day 1 & 2

11:00am – 1:00pm:
C-Level Executive Meetings

Day 1 & 2 Competition Ends

Day 1 Debrief

Day 2 Debrief, Awards Ceremony



Virtual Qualifier: Feb. 5

Virtual Regional: Mar. 17-19

2022 Regional Finals Team Packet
2022 MACCDC Regional Finals Team Packet

“Such experiential education increases the knowledge and expertise of future professionals who may be in a position to contribute to the secure design and operation of critical information and its supporting infrastructure.”
from Exploring a National Cyber Security Exercise for Colleges and Universities, Lance J. Hoffman and Daniel Ragsdale, 2004

Virtual Qualifying Round

Qualifying Round Teams
  1. Bowie State Univ. (MD)
  2. Capitol Technology Univ. (MD)
  3. Christopher Newport Univ. (VA)
  4. Community College of Balt. Co. (MD)
  5. Drexel Univ. (PA)
  6. East Carolina Univ. (NC)
  7. George Mason Univ. (VA)
  8. James Madison Univ. (VA)
  9. Liberty Univ. (VA)
  10. Marshall Univ. (WV)
  11. Millersville Univ. (PA)
  12. Northern VA Community College (VA)
  13. Old Dominion Univ. (VA)
  14. Penn State Univ. (PA)
  15. Rutgers Univ. (NJ)
  16. Saint Vincent College (PA)
  17. Towson Univ. (MD)
  18. Univ. of MD Balt. Co., Team 1 (MD)
  19. Univ. of MD Balt. Co., Team 2 (MD)
  20. Univ. of MD College Park (MD)
  21. Univ. of MD, Global Campus (MD)
  22. Univ. of Pittsburgh (PA)
  23. Univ. of Virginia (VA)
  24. West Virginia Univ. (WV)
Qualifying Round Final Standings

1st Drexel University
Tied 2nd Capitol Technology University
Tied 2nd University of Virginia
4th George Mason University
5th University of Maryland Baltimore County (Team 2)
6th Liberty University
7th Community College of Baltimore County
8th Bowie State University

Virtual Regional Finals

Regional Finals Teams (Alphabetical Order)
  1. Bowie State University
  2. Capitol Technology University
  3. Community College of Baltimore County
  4. Drexel University
  5. George Mason University
  6. Liberty University
  7. University of Maryland Baltimore County (Team 2)
  8. University of Virginia
Regional Finals Team Standings

1st Place: Liberty University
2nd Place: University of Virginia *
Tie 3rd: Drexel University & George Mason University

* For the 3rd year in a row, a Wild Card round (April 6) pitted the 2nd place finishers from all the CCDC regions against each other. The University of Virginia won this round and will advance to the National CCDC Finals.

Volunteer Information

The MACCDC is looking for volunteers with demonstrated expertise in the following areas: system/network administration, firewalls, policy, Help Desk, virtual machines, and various Information Security-related expertise (e.g., Cryptography, Vulnerability Management, Security Engineering). Requirements for volunteering include:

  • 4 hours (contiguous) on one or both competition days; of course, you can participate longer if you’d like
  • Follow directions
  • Flexibility
  • Good judgment
  • Discretion